About me

I am a Java developer and do Bukkit/Spigot coding as a freelance activity. A small set of my projects are available on GitHub or on SpigotMC's resources section. For more information, click the button.

View plans

I take plugin development very seriously, this is why there are several types of plans. Plugins which cost more are simply larger, whereas the quality will always as high as it can be.

  • Small plugins

    Small plugins have a size below 10 kB and usually have a relatively basic config. GUIs and MySQL are not included.

    €10 - €20

  • Medium plugins

    Medium plugins are plugins between 15kB and 70 kB. They take more time to develop than free plugins and can contain GUIs and more.

    €25 - €40

  • Large plugins

    Large plugins are everything which goes over 70kB, such as Minigames and advanced administrator tools. Keep in mind that these plugins take precedence.


Prices and timeframes are flexible and negotiable.

Other services

Plugin development is not the only service I offer, feel free to contact me for any of the services below.

  • €5+Forking/updating other plugins
  • €10+System administration
  • FreeGeneral advice
  • €5 - €25XenForo services
  • €15 - €60+Web design

Contact me

You may contact me through SpigotMC (Personal Conversations), Email and Discord.

The contact details are listed below: